Olden Community Gardens
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    December 2015

    General News Once more we have had another great year in the garden. Because of the dedicated work of our volunteers and professional gardeners, Olden Community Garden has bloomed and flourished. We hope the diverse two-acre (0.8 hectare) site offers you a peaceful refuge from what seems to be an increasingly violent and troubled world.

    In 2015 major works were carried out to the steps and handrails that have improved accessibility and made journeys to the orchard and greenhouse much easier and safer. We hope to do more to improve accessibility in the new year, depending on funding.

    Feedback and Suggestions: The Management Committee welcomes comments and suggestions from all members/volunteers/visitors. You can pass on your thoughts:
    (i) by writing in the Comments Book (red cover) that sits on the small table just inside the door of the garden house;
    (ii) by emailing theoldengarden@yahoo.co.uk and
    (iii) by contacting the current Committee Members:

    Mr Terry Stacy, Chair, 12B Sotheby Road, N5 2UR terrystacy@me.com
    Mrs Anna Sullivan, Deputy Chair, 54 Whistler Street, N5 1NJ
    Mrs Jill McKeown, Membership Secretary, 49 Whistler Street, N5 1NJ
    Ms Jennifer Sharpley, Treasurer, 138 Calabria Road, N5 1HT jensharpley@yahoo.co.uk
    Mr Jeremy Urquhart, jeremy.urquhart@gmail.com
    Miss Nancy McCrea, (Co-opted) theoldengarden@yahoo.co.uk
    Mr Carrick James, (Co-opted) theoldengarden@yahoo.co.uk

    Gardening activities and new planting: In 2016 we will plan our gardening priorities within our limited resources, and replant some areas of the garden. We would welcome any suggestions on: key gardening activities; plant selection; the lawn; woodlands management; and those areas of the garden that are of particular interest to you. Your feedback and involvement is encouraged.

    Monthly Workday: Our November Workday dawned cold, wet and very windy, but the weather improved as the day went on. Several families arrived in the morning to work with Jez on the Childrens' Garden; and enjoyed an early family-friendly lunch and the social occasion. Several other volunteers arrived who enjoyed a later lunch and worked mainly on the upper level until the winter light was fading. Overall, there was a good attendance of around 25 people at the final workday for the year.

    There has been a suggestion that we might change the monthly workday from a Saturday (10-4) to a Sunday (10-4). We want to know what you think? Please let us know.

    NOVEMBER was the last workday until FEBRUARY Even though we are in winter now, the eccentric weather has confused the garden and spring plants are already blooming. The greenhouse is full of young seedlings and growing plants. If anyone is moved to do some watering, please check first that the plants are thirsty as young plants can drown and die if over-watered.

    Finally, the Committee (Terry, Anna, Jill, Jennifer, Jez, Nancy and Carrick) send season's greetings to all of you. Let us look forward to the New Year and keep gardening.